deftlyd (deftlyd) wrote in cyberculture,

Boston Breakcore + Rhythmic Noise + Industrial on Sunday

Ordnance presents

MONO NO AWARE [Germany, Hands Productions]
XANOPTICON [Pittsburgh, Tigerbeat6, Mirex, Hymen Records]
EDGEY [New York, Hands Productions, Hive Records, Black Monolith Records]
SYNNACK [Force Of Nature Productions]
ORDNANCE at the Armory [impov DJ, Drum and Video debut]

Ordnance is a new multimedia dance night incorporating skilled uncompromising DJs, drummers, video artists, and more.

On Sunday September 27th, a taste of Ordnance will be given throughout the show with DJ Deftly-D (WZBC, Dark Intentions, Voidstar Productions, Nau-Zee-auN, etc.), video artist Jared Falcon (November 14, Anime Boston, video artist for Nau-Zee-auN and Scrap.edx, etc.), and tentatively drummers Mike D'Errico (Mike D and the 3:2 percusion ensemble, The Attic Bat) and Roland Adams (Battery Cage, Nau-Zee-auN, Grenadier, etc.).

Advance tickets and more info is available at

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